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Which of the following types of business cannot be taken up by a banking company u/s 6 (1) of banking Regulation Act?

(a) Buying, selling and dealing in bullion
(b) Acquiring and holding shares and debentures
(c ) Purchasing of bonds, scrips and other forms of securities.
(d) Sale and purchase of immovable property for any purpose

Answer: (d)

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A person has both Savings Bank account and a Current Account with your Bank. The Savings Bank account is showing a balance of Rs. 200,000 (Credit) whereas, the Current account shows a balance of Rs. 400,000 (Debit). In such case,  ______?

(a) The bank owes money in respect of Current account
(b) The bank has to receive money for savings Bank account
(c ) In both cases, the relationship of the customer remains the
(d) In both cases, the relationship of the customer is not same.

Answer: (d)

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Find which of the following statement/s are True?

(a) The materiality concept refers to the process of ignoring small
       items and values from accounts
(b) The generally accepted accounting principles prescribe a
       uniform accounting practice
(c ) As per the going concern concept, until and unless the
       business has entered into a state of liquidation, it is viewed
       as having indefinite life
(d)  All the above are True

Answer: (d)
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When the need is for restricting expansion of credit, RBI does ______ ?

(a) Freezes the Bank rate
(b) Raises the Bank rate
(c) Reduces Bank rate
(d) Reduces REPO rates

Answer : (b)

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The script which is designed to receive value from the web users is ____?

(a) Web script
(b) Power C91 script
(c) Java Script
(d) All of the above

Answer : (c)

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______ are specially designed computer chips that reside inside other devices, such as your car or your electronic thermostat?

(a) Servers
(b) Embedded computers
(c) Robotic computers
(d) Mainframes

Answer : (B)

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The Client’s relationship with the Bank is influenced by ___?

(a) Attitude of Bank staff
(b) Customer’s attitude
(c) Attitude of sales personnel
(d) Interest rate of the Bank

Answer : (c)

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