Cracking Bank Promotion Exams Made Easy


Banking sector is currently facing acute sortage of employees and thus most of the Public sector Banks are contemplating internal promotions to fill the vacuum with young and bright officers. The unabated growth of bad loans, tremendous pressure on profitability and almost stagnant growth of Banking sector has put pressure on Bank management to scout for fresh energy and recruit and place young banking professionals at strategic positions.

Banking – For Bank Promotion Exams. is a comprehensive book meant for the banking professionals who aspire to shape up their career in the banking sector and are about to appear for their internal Promotional exams, be it for Clerks cadre to Officers in JMG Scale –I to MMG Scale II or MMG Scale II to MMG Scale III in PSU Banks. The book provides in-depth knowledge about the banking sector, banking laws, credit theories and practices and would cover almost the whole gamut of banking and related concepts. The book is compiled by a Senior ex-banker and therefore, the content of the book are carefully assorted to help you succeed in the endeavour.

The book comprise of extensive 40 chapters in over 800 pages, which covers various aspects of banking. The author has taken extreme care to collate the most required topics at one place for you to prepare for the coveted career promotion exam. and that you do not waste time and resources and miss the golden opportunity that the time has endowed upon you.

The book is segmented into 4 modules which extensively cover the most relevant chapters suitable for bank promotion tests of banks under public sector, co-operative sector as wel as the private sector.






Section – 2 include 20 SETS of Test papers to help you practice well.

This is the most comprehensive book available today for Bank Promotion exams. in PSU Banks, Co-operative sector banks, Urban Co-operative Banks or RRBs. The rich content of the book shall not only help you excel in your career but also help you perform better in your day-to-day professional life.


Chapter-1    Bank and Bank Deposits
Chapter-2    Credit Facilities – Fund based and Non Funded
Chapter-3    Retail, Wholesale and International Banking
Chapter-4    Ancillary Services and E-Products
Chapter-5    Banker-Customer Relationship
Chapter-6    KYC Guidelines and Money Laundering
Chapter-7    Financial Inclusion And Self-Help Group
Chapter-8    Government Sponsored Schemes
Chapter-9    Priority Sector Lending Norms
Chapter-10   MSME Sector and Micro Credit
Chapter-11   NRI Deposits and Other Products
Chapter-12   Payment & Collection of Cheques and N I Act
Chapter-13  Money Markets, Capital Market and Forex Markets
Chapter-14  Retail Lending Products
Chapter-15  Ratio Analysis
Chapter-16   Assessment of Credit Limits
Chapter-17  Modes of Charging Securities
Chapter-18  Loan Documentations
Chapter-19  Risk Management & BASEL Accord
Chapter-20  Non-Performing Assets
Chapter-21  Management of Non-Performing Assets
Chapter-22  Bankers Books Evidence Act, 1891
Chapter-23  SARFAESI Act
Chapter-24  Recovery of Debts due to Banks and Financial Institutions Act, 1993(DRT Act)
Chapter-25  The Law of Limitation
Chapter-26  Insolvency And Bankruptcy Code, 2016
Chapter-27  The Legal Services Authorities Act, 1987
Chapter-28  Tax Laws
Chapter-29   Indian Contract Act, 1872
Chapter-30   Indian Partnership Act, 1932
Chapter-31   The Companies Act
Chapter-32  Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999
Chapter-33   Transfer of Property Act, 1882
Chapter-34   The Right to Information Act, 2005
Chapter-35   The Prevention of Money Laundering Act, 2002
Chapter-36   The Consumer Protection Act, 1986 and CERSAI
Chapter-37   Clean Note Policy and Cash Management
Chapter-38  Customer Service, BCSBI and Compensation Policy
Chapter-39  Current Banking Topics
Chapter-40  Abbreviations

About the Author

N K Gupta, a senior ex-banker with over 28 years of working experience with SBI group and various Private sector Banks, is the author of several popular books on banking competitive exams. These Books are a result of a careful research and continuous updation over the time.