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IBC Academy, specialise in the domain exclusively for Banking domain such as IIBF courses viz. JAIIB/DBF and competitive exams, such as Bank PO/Clerks, RBI "B" Grade etc. IBCA publishes quality books which are incomparable and thus are found very useful to crack these career and competitive exams.

At IBC Academy, we understand the recuruitment process of banking Industry well, as a senior banker and thus present to you a well-researched, compiled set of study materials and Test series..

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IBCA Book on G K (Handbook on General Awareness): Book Review
Today's book review article is about General Knowledge book. I am going to talk about General Knowledge book released by IBC Academy
Publication, which is a must have book for the serious candidates who wish to cover many important subjects with comprehensive coverage and
virtually no error in content or typing.

The book is known by a distinct name : Handbook on General Awareness to help this stand apart from the horde of GK books published by
many Publishers. I have recommended this book for almost every competitive exam having static G K content, despite the fact that there are
hundreds of G K books in the market.

The most important reason I keep suggesting this GK book is that - the book is compiled by a Senior Ex-banker with a team of Expert which
ensure that the content is top quality and just suit your requirements. Second, most other Publishers have been just copy pasted the content and
takes content from many other popular books. This is not the case with Handbook on General Awareness.

You would find that the presentation of the book and the coverage of the General Knowledge Study Material is exhaustive and rich. This is the
FIRST book on GK which started covering an exhaustive chapter on Economics which is most sought after for banking, insurance and other
competitive exams. these days.

To make you appreciate better, I shall first show some of the quality features of this book and in second part we will cover how this book helps
you in your GK preparation for your competition exam.

So let's take a peek into the book features…

Features of the Book : Handbook on General Awareness

Coverage of topics are very significant feature of this book. Not all the GK books which are printed in colour and looks bulky may have
contemporary and relevant topics covered. The book covers all important topics in most comprehensive manner to ensure that you get a
complete GK book.

The whole content of the book is divided into 10 parts, namely
CHAPTER -5 : GEOGRAPHY             

The book also has a chapter with 1000 MCQs, containing the most frequently asked questions which keeps you ready for the forthcoming exams.
No other GK book in similar category has such collection.

(A) Subject-Wise Chapters: Each part can be considered as an individual chapter, as there is not internal sub-divisions. As there are only ten
chapters and that too in subject-wise format and almost all the topics of static GK are covered in this book. However, for Current Affairs topics,
you shall have to prepare these from the magazines and Newspapers.

(B) Internal Division of Subjects: Some of the topics are divided according to the requirement of the subject, such as - Indian History is divided
into 4 parts i.e. Ancient India, Medieval India, Modern India and Miscellaneous. Similarly, World History is divided into - Ancient World, Medieval
World, Modern World and Miscellaneous. And it is very important to have these separations to have a better understanding of the topics. It
increases efficiency of your GK preparation.

(D) Abbreviations: Sometimes you come across a word whose dictionary meaning doesn't match the context of the subject. And this will not
give you any trouble in this book as it has Abbreviations given at the end of the book. 

The book is reviewed and updated periodically by the Expert Team and new edition released so that you always get contemporary and updated
content. Unlike many who go for print-runs again and again of the same stale content.

Price: The Book is competitively priced at Rs. 235.

Hindi Edition of the Book :

IBC Academy Publications also comes with Hindi edition of the Book by the name of “Samanya Gyan Darpan”. This book has similar content in
Hindi excepting that 1000 MCQs are not available. The Book is competitively priced at Rs. 200.

These books on GK are available all over India with leading booksellers and are also sold online with all leading websites, but you get the most
attractive prices on www.booknest.in

Get your copy today and start a new beginning ….
Handbook on General Awareness
Samanya Gyan Darpan