Author: Narendra Gupta

e-Rupi – CBDC of RBI

Money either has intrinsic value or represents title to commodities that have intrinsic value or title to other debt instruments. In modern economies, currency is a form of money that is issued exclusively by the sovereign (or a central bank as its representative) and is legal tender. Paper currency is a representative money, and it […]

Computer Awareness – Book Review

Today’s book review article is about IBCA book on Computer Awareness subject, which is the most acclaimed and among the top ranking books for Computer Aptitude to help you score high and qualify the competitive exams.  I am going to discuss about Computer Awareness published by IBC Academy Publications, which is surely a must have […]


Financial Inclusion is the pursuit of making financial services, such as access to payments and remittance facilities, savings, loans and advances, insurance services etc. – accessible at affordable costs to all individuals and businesses, irrespective of net worth and size, respectively. Financial inclusion strives to address and suggest solutions to the constraints that exclude people from […]


A fresher joining the banking sector deal with several challenges on job, in the form of extended working hours, demanding customers and unyielding bosses. Many would hardly remember how the times flies and they are set now for new challenges in their career… planning for upward movement in their career amid big challenges and enormous […]

Cracking Bank Promotion Exams Made Easy

Banking sector is currently facing acute sortage of employees and thus most of the Public sector Banks are contemplating internal promotions to fill the vacuum with young and bright officers. The unabated growth of bad loans, tremendous pressure on profitability and almost stagnant growth of Banking sector has put pressure on Bank management to scout […]

Banking Awareness – Book Review

Today’s book review article is about IBCA book on Banking & Financial Awareness subject, which is a top ranking book in fetching good marks and help you score high and qualify the coveted Banking exams. I am going to talk about Banking Awareness -4th ed. released by IBC Academy Publication, which is a must have book for the […]


Reading is a healthy habit, which not only improve your mental faculty but helps you in many other ways in your day-to-day life. Some feels that reading helps them score well academically and to get higher marks in exams., some gets a habit to read to help keep them busy and entertain themselves. While, for […]