Banking Awareness 2021 Edition – Book Review

Today’s book review article is about IBCA book on Banking & Financial Awareness subject, which is a top ranking book in fetching good marks and help you score high and qualify the coveted Banking exams.  I am going to talk about Banking Awareness – 2021 Edition released by IBC Academy Publication, which is a must have book for the serious candidates who wish to cover many important subjects with comprehensive coverage and virtually no error in content or typing.

Aspirants for a career in the banking sector have to sit for job recruitment exams conducted by the IBPS or individual banks. Whether they are taking Bank PO or Clerical post exams, candidates are expected to possess good knowledge of the sector. And, this book is a must for those appearing for interviews in the Banking or Financial sector.

Recently, the emphasis of the exams has been shifting to focus more on the aspirant’s knowledge of the financial sector, with special reference to the banking field. So, books like – Banking Awareness can help candidates acquire good knowledge of the functioning of banks. The book is divided into various sections covering fundamental concepts related to banking and financial sectors, such as Insurance, Mutual Funds, Stock Markets, various Govt. Sponsored Schemes, etc. The book also deal with cogent topics on the Indian Banking Sector, Financial Markets, Financial Products & Services, and Currency and Note-Issuing Policies.

5 reasons why you should buy only IBCA Book on Banking Awareness:

1. This is the most comprehensive book on this subject and contain accurate information on the select topics relevant for banking exams.
2. Unlike others, IBCA book on Banking Awareness is written by an Ex-Banker with 26 years of experience and who joined SBI group as a Probationary Officer (PO).
3. The book is updated continuously and what you get is most updated topics.
4. The Book has over 1500 MCQs which prepares you for the most of the competitive exams.
5. The content of the Book is very useful for Group discussions/Personal Interviews also.

The text also covers topics like Financial & Banking Sector Reforms, Bank Accounts & Negotiable Instruments, Customer Relationship, Developmental Institutions,Capital Markets, NBFC and Insurance Sectors, Co-operative Banks & Regional Rural Banks and Loans & Advance Products. The Book also contains a Glossary and Abbreviations list of Banking Terminology.

The book also contains 15 sets of Objective Type Questions, with answers.

The Objective Type Questions section contains 15 set of Mock Tests comprising of 1050 Multiple Choice Questions. This help the candidates prepare for all the different bank exams conducted by the IBPS and various institutions like RBI and SBI. The coverage of the study material is exhaustive.

The Book is written in a clear and lucid style, focusing on the important points and concepts that candidates need to understand in order to get a good score in the exam. The text also includes short notes sections which help the candidates do a quick review of concepts.

About The Author

N. K. Gupta is an experienced Banking Sector professional with over 26 years of experience. He has also written other books like Handbook on Computer Awareness, Handbook on Marketing Awareness, Cracking the Job Interviews … and many more.

N. K. Gupta is a management graduate. He is a senior ex-banker with over two and a half decades of experience working in the industry. He started his career as a Probationary Officer in the State Bank Group.