A fresher joining the banking sector deal with several challenges on job, in the form of extended working hours, demanding customers and unyielding bosses. Many would hardly remember how the times flies and they are set now for new challenges in their career… planning for upward movement in their career amid big challenges and enormous competition from their fellow colleagues and peers.

And the first step in this direction is to gain enough knowledge and guidance on “how to pass JAIIB in first attempt.” Right!!

The reasons are obvious that clearing the JAIIB exams. i.e., Junior Associate of Indian Institute of Bankers not only unlock an extra increment in their early stages of banking career but also opens avenues for qualifying to appear in internal promotion exams. conducted by their respective Banks.

JAIIB exams. conducted by IIBF is held twice a year (usually in the months of June and December) and over 1.50 lacs banking professionals from pan-India appear for this exam. The competition is tough as only 20-22% candidates finally clear the exams. and out of which there could be less than 5% who clear these exams in their FIRST attempt.

Does this mean that JAIIB is difficult to clear? I say NO.

On should start early and study regularly but methodically to qualify the coveted exam. without much heart burn. There are enough available resources around you, but are they conform to quality and are they updated to the latest syllabus requirements? Always select good quality study materials and books and meticulously follow these. Do not follow the crap available online which are mostly out-dated and half-baked contents. After all, nothing good comes FREE in this materialistic world. They basically want your attention so as to sell something which you would not look otherwise at in the normal course.

IBC Academy Publications (IBCA) is started by a veteran and Senior Banking Professional, who himself had cracked several Bank P.O. exams., nearly 3 decades ago. He joined State Bank Group as Probationary Officer and later moved to Private Sector Banking Industry for better prospects.

Author N K Gupta – is a career senior ex-banker who has written several popular books related to Banking and related other competitive exams.

IBCA books are meticulously compiled and updated with the latest subject content in the backdrop of important RBI guidelines You can buy these books at discounted rates on our website.

JAIIB Exam Pattern

The JAIIB examination comprise of three papers, details thereof are mentioned below:

  1. Principles and Practices of banking.
  2. Accounting and Finance for Bankers
  3. Legal and Regulatory Aspects of Banking.

JAIIB Exam Cut Off

The cut-off marks are the minimum marks that applicants must get in order to qualify for the certificate.

JAIIB 2022 – Cut-off Calculation

The following are the major points that are involved in calculating the JAIIB Cut off 2022:

  • Each subject requires a minimum score of 50 out of 100 to pass.
  • Candidates who obtain at least 45 marks in each subject and a total of 50 per cent in all examination subjects in a single attempt will be declared to have passed the examination.
  • Candidates will be able to keep credits for subjects they passed in an attempt until the time restriction for passing the examination has expired.
  • There is no negative marking in the paper, so you can attempt all the questions. But remember, there is a time limit (2 hours).

JAIIB Exams: Time stipulations

Candidates should clear the exam within the time limit of two years (in 4 attempts max.). If you do not pass the exam within the allotted time, you must re-enrol as a fresh student, and in such cases the institute will give no credit. For the first try, a two-year time limit will begin on the date of application. Attempts will be counted regardless of whether or not an applicant presents for any examination.

Principles and Practices of Banking

Principles and Practices of Banking book for JAIIB banking paper is the most updated book in the market. The book comprise of exhaustive 45 chapters covering the latest syllabus of IIBF-JAIIB/ DB&F exams. It also has a section of 10 Test Papers sets of Multiple Choice Questions, which is sure to help you practice well and prepare for the forthcoming JAIIB exam.

Table of Content:

MODULE – A: Indian Financial System;

MODULE – B: Functions of Bank;

MODULE – C: Banking Technology;

MODULE – D: Support Services – Marketing of Banking Product & Services;

MODULE E – Ethics in Banks and Financial Institutions.


SECTION – II : 10 Sets of multiple choice questions Paper. 

The book has updated coverage of all Five Modules as per IIBF syllabus, covering chapters on Banking, Marketing, Computerization in banking, Ethics in banking, to name a few as – Various types of customers and relationships, Banking regulation, Lending, Agriculture Finance, Risk management, Capital markets, Mutual Funds, KYC norms, Basel Accord, Risk Management, Bank Computerization, Marketing concepts, Ethics in Banking and many more topics as per JAIIB/DB&F course syllabus.

Legal And Regulatory Aspects of Banking

Legal and Regulatory Aspects of Banking book has updated coverage of Legal paper of JAIIB and is the most updated book in the market. This book comprise of exhaustive 38 chapters covering the latest syllabus of IIBF-JAIIB/ DB&F exams. and also a section of 10 Test Papers sets of Multiple Choice Questions, which is sure to help you practice well and prepare for the forthcoming JAIIB exam. The book with unparalleled coverage.

Table of Content






SECTION – II – 10 Sets of Practice Tests.

The book include important topics, such as – IBC Code, GST Act, Payment Bank and Small Finance Bank, Escrow and Trust and Retention Arrangement etc. and it is way ahead of other similar books. The book contain all Four Modules covering entire syllabus – viz. Regulation of banking business, different types of borrowers, types of Credit Facilities, Funded and Non-Funded credit facilities, creation and charge on securities, various laws relating to collecting and paying Banks, SARFAESI Act, IBC Code, Banking Regulation Act, Negotiable Instrument Act, SARFAESI Act, Tax laws & GST Act, Bankers Book of Evidence Act, Consumer Protection Act etc.

JAIIB Refresher

JAIIB Refresher is the top rated Exams. preparatory book on JAIIB exams., comprise of over 3200 Multiple Choice Questions covering all the three subjects under IIBF-JAIIB/ DB&F exams. and conform to the latest syllabus of IIBF. The book comprise of 20 sets of Test papers for each three subjects, a total of 60 sets, which covers entire gamut of questions from the IIBF-JAIIB syllabus, and represent mirror copies of Test paper of JAIIB/DB&F exams. conducted by IIBF. The test papers covers questions from all Modules under Paper-Principles & Practices of Banking –such as Computer & Banking Technology, Marketing of Banking Products as well as newly introduced Module on Ethics in Banks and Financial Institutions.

The question bank also covers case studies and topical questions under Legal & Regulatory Aspects of Banking and Accounting & Finance for Bankers. JAIIB Refresher is designed to help the busy bankers to brush up their preparations in the shortest possible time and assure superlative performance and score high in their JAIIB/DB&F exams. for which the aspiring banking professionals find the book very useful. 

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and start your preparations for the ensuing exams. with IBCA books.